Monday, December 30, 2013

Live from Frame (excerpt)

Here's a short excerpt from my live set at Frame in November. I was fairly happy with the set, considering I accidentally placed some gear in the wrong spot, so I had to troubleshoot on the fly.

GreenhousePB10212 360 2 from bandc on Vimeo.

I have the full version here too, but maybe I'll save that for another time. Maybe not.
My next live performance is Jan 29 at the Centennial Concert Hall at the pre-concert before Glenn Branca. Should be interesting. After that, I plan to do a quick studio session, followed by more work at home.
Currently enjoying: Secret Pyramid - Movements of Night; No UFOs - MPC Tracks vol. 2; Basic House - Oats; Glenn Branca - The World Upside Down.

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