Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Lost In A Sea of Sound Review

Lost in A Sea of Sound gave Lapse a very kind, thoughtful review:

"Amazingly acoustic guitar would be a distant guess of how these sounds are created. Resting in some point in time, an almost undetectable sparkle of the surrounding grandeur, Lapse is brilliant."

Check out the full review here.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

New Album: Lapse (Geology Records)

I'm very pleased to announce my latest release via the excellent Geology Records, Lapse.


Lapse is the latest album from Canadian guitarist Curran Faris. Where his previous releases and live performances utilize the electric guitar and an array of effect chains and signal paths, Lapse was created using only an acoustic guitar and a minimal gear setup. Combining unprocessed room mics and the acoustic’s pick-up, Faris strips the instrument down to its essential tonal quality while pushing far away from easily identifiable guitar sounds. This minimal concept mirrors the sounds within: sustained tones, almost synth-like in nature, gradually unfurl and shift amidst distant, glacial melodies. As otherworldly as the guitar sounds on Lapse, there are moments when the listener is reminded that they are in fact hearing a person playing the acoustic guitar — rattling strings, the soft squeak of fingertips gliding across the fret board. This marriage of the unidentifiable and the familiar, the acoustic and electric, yields an album that is deceptively multilayered and much more than the sum of its slow-moving parts.

Copies are available direct from Geology and from me.

Thanks for listening.

Monday, January 30, 2017

New Album, "Welcome"

I'm extremely privileged to live where I live and to not face the increasing oppression and violence that people of colour, LGBTQ and Indigenous peoples face across the world. In light of the travel bans occurring to the south of us right now, and the horrific act of terrorism committed here in Canada yesterday, I'm donating all of the proceeds from this new album, "Welcome," to the Canadian Council for Refugees. For more information, visit

 Welcome was recorded in 2014 at Collectors Studio, Winnipeg, Manitoba.