Thursday, July 26, 2012

Go Get This

I figured I would give you all a heads up about some great sounds being made by some great artists on this blog from time to time, so here we go.

Up first is this powerful, alarming, yet somehow listenable album by the illustrious Gomeisa. For those of you paying attention, Gomeisa is Prairie Fire Tapes co-honcho and my fellow Humboldt collaborator Cole Peters. He's also an amazingly terrific person. His catalogue is totally worth checking out, but he just posted this album of power electronic menace on his Bandcamp for free. So do yourself a favour.

Up next is Crystal Hell Pool. I've never met this dude in person. But he's super friendly and talented. CHP goes from dark, menacing drone to 70's italian horror soundtracks and synth kosmiche a la Oneohetrix Point Never and Umberto. But still, there's something lurking behind everything this guy does that I can't quite put my finger on, but I like it. Hit up his blog for more info, or see what's left from labels like Dead Accents (also a stellar imprint).

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