Thursday, July 26, 2012

Foxy Digitalis Reviews "Tired Forever"

"This is the third release for Winnipeg’s Prairie Fire Tapes by drone guitarist (and Foxy D. contributor) Curran Faris. It’s implied by PFT that Faris is playing guitar at least a bit here, but it’s not a bad thing that the instrumentation rarely identifiable. “Early Mornings and Late Nights” is super blown-out, with a thick layer of feedback and low rumbling threatening to swallow up any recognizable notes (note that I say a layer, as opposed to layers – a crucial distinction). Occasionally, out of this miasma, a theme looms and then recedes – perhaps a heavily delayed note, or sustained synth drifting. “All That is Left” mesmerizingly loops minimal filter sweeps. “Glissed” is built on layers of drifting guitar feedback. The two epic B-side drones, “Accept This” and “Drop-off,” are more guitarish, the former blissfully looped and layered, the latter returning to a low drone for a sustained, satisfying, and long conclusion. Unhurried, full, and using the tape medium expertly – this is excellent work."

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