Monday, January 28, 2013

Sink or Swim: small update

Just a quick little note that I'm still in the process of new material for an as-yet untitled, release. I have no plans for the actual release yet at this point. All I can say is that I'm excited by the new material, and that it's a bit different from my previous work, both technically, sonically and texturally. I hope you like it. I hope to post a snippet soon.

For those of you in the Winnipeg area, I'll be playing a set this Friday at NGTVSPC. I'll be trying out some new approaches I've been working on at home. Sink or swim.


Current listening: Kevin Drumm - Tannenbaum; Mike Shiflet - The Choir, The Army; Pan Sonic - A; Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

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